What Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Service Includes

Our carpeting expert will inspect the material and the origin of the stains. He will apply detergents, which will not harm the textile flooring, but remove the stains and the marks of high traffic areas. Then he will shampoo the carpet with his powerful machinery and extract approximately 95% of the moisture and with that all the dirt will come out.

Carpets absorb the dust of your shoes everyday. This over a period of time starts to show. And it reduces the appearance and quality of the characteristics of the carpet. No matter if  natural or man-made fiber, every carpet shows signs of fatigue after some time. And changing the carpets every couple of years is not the most budget-minded option. The best thing you can do is subject the carpets to professional cleaning.

You could even add carpet protection and deodorization.

We’ll not only professional clean your carpet, bring it back to life from the land of the dead carpets, but we’ll can also:

  • Add protection in the form of scothguard
  • Add deodorization in the aroma you prefer
  • We can speed up the drying process with special machines

Professional steam carpet cleaning is the only way to maintain carpets without causing damage to fibers or structure.

We at Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith consider ouselfs as masters of the highly specific and technical process of carpet cleaning. We have taken the time and put the effort into training our staff in the safe and efficient use of steam cleaning equipment. This is very important as a carpet does not clean itself.