Deep Cleaning

deep cleaningIf you have renovated your property and the builders left unbelievable mess, contact us and we will organize deep cleaning for you. We have very strong, but harmless cleaning chemicals which can remove all the excess paint, tape or dust. Our operatives will work hard to surpass your expectations.

Deep cleaning, also know as After Builders Cleaning is our premier service. It is essentially a top to bottom cleaning of the entire property or certain parts of it, depending on your requirements. It is available throughout the entire year as well and at any day of the week. It is the ideal solution for when the property has been neglected for a period of time or there have been builders or renovational work done.

The deep cleaning service is perfect to bring the shine back to your home.

Rooms of the house which have been subjected to heavy traffic and use can still be reborn. These include the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen and some other heavy traffic zones like the hallways or entryways. We’ll make them shine again!

We recommend that this service is performed once or twice a year, at least, to keep your home looking as fresh and clean as possible. The best occasion for a deep cleaning service is moving into a new place. Many customers request from us a deep cleaning as a precondition to moving in their new home. That way traces and remains of previous occupation will be cleaned, giving you a fresh new home, just for you.

Deep cleaning is the ideal way to save money and time.

You get a top to bottom cleaning of the entire house or for specific rooms. Whithout moving a finger and it won’t even cost that much.